Best Restaurants in Dakar

Le Jardin Thailandais

$$$$ 10 Rue PE 43, , Dakar
Asian Thai Casual Dining
Le Jardin Thaïlandais is a restaurant that exceeds expectations with unique, authentic THAI dishes prepared according to ancient recipes emphasising how the flavours and texture of premium ingredients work together. Authentic, colourful and creative cuisine, fresh and healthy products: this is the recipe of Le Jardin Thaïlandais for an incredible Thai immersion during a meal. A rare delicacy, subtle harmony, refinement, and balance perfectly define Thai cuisine! With its secular influences, both Eastern and Western, it is truly a work of art combining the spicy and the sweet, the crispy and the tender, while joining the good and the beautiful. Thai cuisine is recognized as one of the tastiest and most refined in the world. Dishes are prepared according to ancient recipes emphasising how the flavours and texture of premium ingredients work together.


$$$$ Almadies Dakar, 12000, Dakar
International Casual Dining Family Style
Sharky is committed to creating an unforgettable beach experience by providing high-quality products and services in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Close to the sea, a perfect place to enjoy the delicacies brought to the table. This simple and welcoming location is very casual and perfect for eating with friends and family. An international cuisine because it ranges between different cultures, from meat to fish, using other cooking methods and accompaniments based on the type of dish to prepare. You will be spoiled for choosing words to taste; you will find everything.

Barolo Ristorante

$$$$ Rue Du Meridien Les Almadies In Palm Luxury Boutique Hotel, , Dakar
Italian European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
The Barolo restaurant in the heart of The Palms Dakar boutique hotel is the most discreet Italian restaurant in Dakar. You can organize your meetings, business lunches or private events here in peace. Sublimating simple ingredients is the mission of our chef Alessandro. Originally from Italy, he has the art of reinventing traditional Mediterranean cuisine and creating dishes with a lot of character. It transports you to a refined gastronomic universe, which goes from the Côte d'Azur to northern Italy—relaxation and comfort: essential ingredients for an unforgettable stay.

Beluga Restaurant

$$$$ Rue Mousse Diop, , Dakar
Peruvian South American Premium Casual
Influences from Europe, Japan, China and Africa have merged with ancient Andean culture and the vitality of the Amazon, giving rise to a unique universe of flavours, revealed and shared today. To keep the authentic taste of Peruvian cuisine, BELUGA works with several fresh fish, shellfish, fruits, vegetables and condiments imported directly from Peru. Going through the door of Beluga means instantly taking a tasty 10,000 km journey to Peru, the Latin American country with 491 national dishes where the cuisine results from thousand-year-old interbreeding benefiting from the richness of the Peruvian terroir. The richness and diversity of the products, whether they come from the sea, the forest or the mountains, serve as a natural breeding ground for our chef's inspiration.

Marina Bay

$$$$ Marina Bay, Route De L'Aéroport, , Dakar
Italian African French European Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
Marina Bay is a waterfront restaurant offering an impressive variety of seafood or a blend of cuisines for a diverse clientele. Regarding cooking, a restaurant with this name and location can only offer a mix of Senegalese seafood dishes and international cuisine. You might expect to find a variety of dishes, from freshly caught fish and shellfish to dishes suited to those with a preference for meat or vegetarian options. If the restaurant caters to an international clientele, it could also offer a selection of international dishes. The restaurant's ambience is elegant and relaxing, with a nautical theme. It offers outdoor seating overlooking the sea or the marina. The atmosphere is relaxed during the day, becoming livelier in the evening, with locals and tourists enjoying the scenery and food.

Trattoria Da Alex

$$$$ Boulevard De L'est, Rue De Kaolack, , Dakar
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual Pizzeria
Ideally located in the heart of the Point E district in Dakar, the Trattoria Da Alex restaurant welcomes you in a warm and friendly setting. The floor, wood-panelled walls, and decoration give the room a cosy atmosphere conducive to tasting the tasty and famous Italian cuisine. Our à la carte menu will allow you to discover refined, diversified, rich cuisine. We frequently organize themed evenings: karaoke, all-you-can-eat pizza, and football. Everything is done to make you feel at home, from the decoration to the atmosphere, including the cooking!

Ciao Italia Restaurant

$$$$ 21 Rue Huart, , Dakar
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
How about sharing an exceptional moment thanks to the exquisite flavours of Italian cuisine? At Ciao Italia, we only use quality products to satisfy the demands of gourmets. And, of course, all our dishes are entirely homemade. The great Italian classics are revisited on the menu with an even more delicious touch. Our caldi and freddi antipasti dishes please all palates. Copious and superbly presented pasta and risottos, without forgetting meats, fish and seafood. And the essentials of Ciao Italia: choose from a wide variety of tasty pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven. The flour is worked, personalized and embellished with a personal touch. Each recipe is unique, elaborated and cooked with passion. Everything is done to honour Italian cuisine and traditions.

Le Coste

$$$$ MH99+Q9V, , Dakar
African French European Fine dining
The Le Coste restaurant offers an elegant, simple environment, which reveals its charm and elegance among the tables and tablecloths dressed in white, in an almost artistic location, among paintings and portraits, the perfect place to get lost and find yourself in front of a high-end kitchen—a food and wine proposal that takes us to France, but to Europe in general. The ancient French culinary tradition blends with the African one, giving life to a space where art meets cooking and where everything becomes possible. Typical traditional dishes, mixed with the skilled and innovative hands of the chefs, are ready to give life to an actual "parade" of tastes, smells and flavours of another level.

Hôtel Restaurant Farid

$$$$ 51 Rue Vincens, , Dakar
Mediterranean Lebanese Elegant & Chic
Innovate, shake up habits, and uniqueness to bring you even more gourmet pleasure daily. The Farid restaurant wants to be an oasis in the heart of Dakar where a large air-conditioned dining room opens onto a terrace so that the joy of the eyes joins that of flavours—recognized excellence in Lebanese culinary art and cuisines worldwide. In the kitchen, there is no compromise on quality. We pay meticulous attention to detail and perfection: from the selection of raw materials to their processing. Between tradition and creation, our Lebanese cuisine remains authentic, our chefs are inspired by ancestral know-how. Mediterranean, Lebanese cuisine is generous and colourful. Gastronomic standard of Lebanon, the Mezze symbolizes all the friendliness of the country, dishes that we like to share with friends or family.


$$$$ Rte Des Almadies, , Dakar
French European Premium Casual
Authentic cuisine, unique flavours, and gourmets will be served. Cosy bar, subdued lighting, sunny terrace, lounge, air-conditioned dining rooms or an airy "over the water" area. Alkimia is exceptional architecture in a natural setting. Alkimia is a unique location in Dakar. Chic and refined, the Alkimia restaurant is located in the residential district of Almadies. Highly appreciated by gourmets for its alchemy of flavours and its generous and convivial cuisine, Alkimia is the privileged place for all of Dakar. Designed as a jewel in the middle of the city, a soft elegance reigns in its air-conditioned and refined rooms. However, if you dream of fresh air, go outside between greenery, woodwork and flowing water. There, you can relax while savouring authentic cuisine with unique tastes.

La Parrilla

$$$$ Rue Place 18, , Dakar
European Argentinean South American Premium Casual
All our meats come from South America and are served with salsa criolla and chimichurri (Argentine speciality). Gourmet choices are cooked over a wood fire giving them a unique flavour: Bife de lomo, Bife de chorizo ​​​​or Corazon de cuadril (rump steak heart). The restaurant's decoration is authentic and elegant, with lots of wood, an open kitchen and grill and a marble bar counter—a warm Argentinian atmosphere. We are in the heart of Dakar, next to the Presidential Palace. La Parilla confirms itself as the flagship restaurant of Dakar in terms of the grill and fine meats, concretely deserving the nomination among the best grill restaurants in the city.

Restaurant Le N'Gor Pieds Dans L'Eau

$$$$ Cor Des Almadies, 12000, Dakar
African European Mediterranean Premium Casual
The Ngor "Les pieds dans l'eau" offers a varied menu, authentic and healthy cuisine in a completely renovated and charming setting. Senegalese cuisine is renowned for its rich and diverse flavours, incorporating fresh seafood, various types of meat, and various vegetables and grains, especially rice. Notable dishes might include Thieboudienne (a traditional one-pot fish and rice dish), Yassa (marinated fish or chicken with onions), and Mafe (a hearty peanut stew). If Le Ngor Restaurant focuses on local cuisine, these are some dishes you might expect to find on the menu. The ambience at Le Ngor is likely to be casual and inviting, reflecting the warm hospitality that Senegal is known for.

La Cabane Du Pêcheur

$$$$ Ndeureuhnou, , Dakar
European Mediterranean Casual Dining
Think of your restaurant as your second home. Simplicity and user-friendliness are our priorities. Come with friends, family, and enjoy the beautiful setting by the sea overlooking the island of Ngor. Enjoy the freshness of our fish caught directly by local wholesalers or our Atlantic Evasion fishing centre customers. If you like fish, you will want the Cabane du Pêcheur!

La Pampa

$$$$ 28 Ave Albert Sarraut, , Dakar
Argentinean South American Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
All our meat selections come from the Province of La Pampa, the central region of the Republic of Argentina. Livestock is fed on pasture in the great plains of the PAMPA, which guarantees superior quality meat. You might expect a selection of grilled meats, particularly beef, in various cuts and preparations following Argentinian traditions. There could be empanadas, chorizo, other Argentinian dishes, and a selection of Argentinian wines. Given its location in Dakar, dishes might also blend Argentinian and Senegalese flavours. The ambience in such a restaurant is likely to be rustic and comfortable, possibly with decor that evokes the agricultural heritage of the La Pampa region. The atmosphere could be relaxed and friendly, suitable for family meals and formal dining.

Restaurant Le Lagon 1

$$$$ MH9C+3H9, , Dakar
African French European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
The first pier on the sea in West Africa, the restaurant Le Lagon I, was built in 1956 by Michel Calendini. Built on stilts, the setting is superb, with a breathtaking view of the island of Gorée and all of Anse Bernard. Passing the front door, the decoration and structure of the restaurant transport us to a luxury boat anchored on the ocean. The room team, resembling sailors, are at your service. The French chef Alexandre Marinier takes you through the menu with delicate and international flavours for all tastes. In each of the dishes, freshness is in the spotlight. Combinations of spices with rigorously selected products result in gourmet dishes with unequalled flavour. Let your body relax, and your mind reinvigorate. The Complexe du Lagon offers a place dedicated to relaxation. A pontoon 25 meters long by 5 meters wide, a private beach and a fitness room are available to hotel and restaurant guests.

La Fourchette

$$$$ 4 Rue Parent, , Dakar
European Fine dining
In a rococo atmosphere with spicy tones, the La Fourchette restaurant awakens the gourmet foodie in you. Passion, creativity, quality and service! In a unique setting, discover our exceptional products. La Fourchette is a bistronomic landmark for seasoned epicureans. An elegant, chic, relaxing, and very romantic environment, perfect for those candlelit dinners to spend with your partner. A cuisine specialized in the creation of typical European dishes, with an eye to the French nouvelle cuisine, given the historical and cultural implications.
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